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The compilation of scenarios with the ladies of the Marvel Universe! . Knights starting to rub off on me a little too much. You are two when you meet your first canon character. #spiderman And I'm heading off to school in order to complete my resume to be either a Pokemon Pro, or to help myself become a Professor! W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I wanted Male!Reader. It must not leave the park, The rest of us will wait for Y/N to bind it and push it back to the darkness it came from, I VANISH YOU FROM THE ABILITIES INHERENT TO YOU, You did it, you achieved the ultimate victory, As I said, I am the god of victory, victory through sacrifice and you, you just made the ultimate sacrifice, There you are! Darkness bubbles beneath the surface of the criminal underworld. Not adding being a guardian of the galaxy as well as fjnding out his actual father is the mad titan. She's the daughter of Professor Birch!). He stood around six foot one, and was dressed in an all-white suit with combed black hair and glowing blue-white eyes that screamed of power unrivalled. Her plan was to just hook up with someone for a story, but after that first conquest, she's feeling confident and craving more. Female Superhero. To top that off you're friends seem more interested in your love than you are. Pairings: Harem (OC/Starfire/Raven/Donna Troy/Miss Martian/Artemis/Supergirl/Aquagirl). This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). Now, you live by yourself--oh wait, you have a pet rabbit!--and work at the nearest convenience store with so-so salary. All you could do was stare back. One can dream, right? You scared me for a second, You're not quite in the afterlife. He was about to deliver the final blow to the head as he stopped, looked behind you, dropped your body and ran off. Headcanons done:How they react to you giving them a gift (Scenarios), "Okay, let's get the story over one last time. Now, I am a Multiverser, a being who is all-powerful. And a certain black-haired young man is the center of it all. I was so damn close to getting (Y/N)s trust! You can call me y/n. Due to an unfortunate start, Ichigos habit to think in a homicidal and bipolar fashion, and your terrible ability to read mindswell, neither of you have been able to get along. Please consider turning it on! tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Four being, two offsprings of other evil, one a sibling of an evil spirit, and the final being the Red Dragon Emperor himself. They protect the world but who's going to protect the everyday civilian of New York? #pokemontrainer Black Widow x Male Reader. [OC/canon character(s)] [Story is still in the works and additional characters/tags will be added when relevant or necessary.] Gotta Catch Em All! Seriously, though. It's like a choose your own adventure book, but with smut. No one knew that there were devils about and there were no signs of evil amongst anywhere Of course, that was what everyone thought anyway. Don't worry, it will not happen again, Follow me, walk back to your resting places and I shall do the rest, Hear me, those who's honor was stained by disrespecting their rest, Whoever tried to trick you before lied to you, to all of you. Most of them revolving around one thing- Pokephilia. 67 parts. Up, up, and away! Birthday party. A world full of adventure he never dreamt of before. But it does not mean there is no hope.Scion of legendary Rogue Trader Dynasty, working with Inquisition, stumbles upon a dying Aeldari and ends up responsible for the fate of several races. The Multiverse of Lemons [Male Reader x Marvel Female's]. Just think about it, you and I racing with my legs instead of a wheelchair. Not my fault youre terrible at keeping yours a secret. Knight jabbed. What will those eyes see as he travels through a multitude of worlds filled with beautiful women? Mongol? 596K 8.7K 36. fan made adaptation of Prison School all characters and content goes to the owners and creaters of Prison School! You are a being capable of so much, Y/N, yet you only use your father's gifts. Either way, things are about to get very interesting! (Y/N) (L/N) is a typical newbie sidekick, but she wants to be more. I'm (Y/N) (L/N)! And who knows? ??? (Lemon, Harem, One shot) - Mystique This is going to be a story with lots of adult explicit content with your favorite babes of marvel. It's even more interesting when that boyfriend happens to be a white-haired, lyrium-marked, broody elf. (F/N) was in a dark room hanging by his arms, his feet were barely touching the ground. Of which is more dangerous is unknown. (Inspired by the manga Deep Bloody Night by Lee Sun-young). You got up and dressed, before leaving your bedroom and looking around, checking if she was home or not. In the meantime, you know what to do. The Fiore Kingdom. T Ava Welters has always wondered who her soulmates were she started to give up all of her friends ha What happens if Cletus Cassidy died leaving carnage all alone since venom killed him. A neutral country with a population of 17 million. Since you're a proxy for Slenderman you're always around Masky and you love to tease him.Also you're like to wear skirts, high heels, and stockings for no real reason other than it makes you happy. And what if there were to be a person you'd be willing to risk everything for? Well, time to make the best harem ever. The Cursed One. I believe that women are special and should be treated kindly with respect. | Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan | The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. | Shakunetsu Kabaddi | Burning Kabaddi (Anime), Balance:UNLIMITED | Fugou Keiji: Balance:Unlimited (Anime), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Maybe the pointy ears might have something to do with that? A Saiyan with unbelievable potential. ", "Are you trying to ignore me? Upon his elitest ascendency to the Final Supremest Omnidony Tier, 'Evilest' FS Zeneptron sets his superlatively sagacious sights on finding new worlds and aspects of Totality to add to his ever-growing list of conquests, along with new women to add to his infinitely expansive harem. The only hard part is the murders. #malereader LEND ME YOUR POWER SO WE CAN TAKE OVER. May or may not be canon to the main story. If you want the past rangers can join it too! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. But now he's got a role to fill, the role of Spider-Man and he's only human "Wealth and fame, shes ignored, action is her reward". Becoming an Avenger was the biggest responsibility he has ever had. Dc Comics Girls. HA! But instead of walking around aimlessly, trying to seek prey A/n: I got some inspiration from another story, I'll try not to make it a carbon copy. A king must stop a terrifying plague from a rival kingdom! Roommate! Age: 16 Tomboy! ", "If you ever asked yourself that question when looking at Y/N L/N then you're in luck", "But it's not as simple as just having one bad day, you see. You sighed softly but smiled, hugging Power Girl back. It is a world of magic. #sliceoflife I'm sure you'll understand. But at the teacher's suggestion you ask Sollux Captor for help. After the Qilphoth Incident, the Sparda Twins knows the risks and decided go to the Demons' realms to cut off the root end the connection between the Humans and Demons Y/N a normal boy who likes to watch the anime Space Battleship Yamato and always dream of riding on a real spaceship but one day when he was heading home a storm suddenl Y/N, the son of the one punch hero Saitama, has teleported to another world after being sucked in by a mysterious portal that appeared. #nintendo #yuri, Misty (Age: 16! He had white skin brown hair and forest green eyes. Oh? Chapter 1: In the far reaches of space stood a man, gazing out in the vast expanses of space and watching the distant galaxies, nebulas and comets trail by him. Both possibilities are terrifying", "Hey, Supes. #harem This is the story of a hero, known as "Mario" to most but to the people close to him, he is (Y/N). Slowly and without mercy. Hell, I could steal a few million from their bank account and they would hardly notice. Selinas wristwatch started to vibrate which prompted her to look at it. And this one, I will turn on Metropolis. Lusamine!/Spending the Night at the Aether Mansion! M-Maybe I like it when y-you save me You said.Power Girl blushed a bit before smiling and wrapping her arms around you, pulling you close to her. One boy has found himself with a dragon of the gods and now he has to figure out how to survive in a world of beautiful women and dangerous monsters. The Reader does stupid things to save the stupid people they consider their stupid family.Only to figure out not everything might be as stupid as they thought was. Rated M for language, violence and later content. Y/n has killed lots of Demons and Humans that gave up their humanity, join Y/n as he join Earth's Mightiest Heroes and captur. Sorry. Come and be a witness of his adventures along with the Straw Hats, and see how he'll get stronger and stronger until he rises to the top don't mind me, i'm just trying to see how writing a book in wattpad works and letting out my frustations with a few things in this site. Not adding being a guardian of the galaxy as well as fjnding out his actual father is the mad titan. OC X Harem Language: English Words: 68,131 Chapters: 61 /? Y/N had always looked up to heroes like Spider-Man and Captain America, but he never had powers of his own. To top it off, (Y/N)s a friggin' wuss who ran away! I trust you to deal with this, I cannot assist you with this. 22 pages March 24, 2020 Kas. So you think he deserves to be stolen from? Im sure they can pay for whatever was taken. Our hero was currently sitting on the hood of his car, drinking lazily from one of his favorite smoothies, but he for once wasn't in the best of moods. Kuoh was once a peaceful town. Anime/Games I write about. . Everything was going perfectly fine until he showed up and now your life is filled with past memories, heartaches, and a hint of romance. A man about the same age as Scott and Jean walked in dressed black leather jeans with black combat boots. : There is nothing to be afraid of, Kalliope. And I have also realized that I have a charm with the ladies! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Will contain horror, sex and so on. But somehow, you met with some monsters as you live your life normally. malereader; insert; Well when potential clients in need of my services know my name, it makes getting jobs easier. Speaking of which, hows that operation with Wayne? Doing good, he asked me out for a date tomorrow night. But it was not that kind of night for this particular hero, on top of a rooftop stood (Y/N) Wayne, better known as the Knight, sharing a passionate kiss with his lover, Selina Kyle, the Catwoman. (Y/N) Stark is the adopted son of Tony Stark. If you are interested pm me. (Lemon, Harem, One shot) - Mystique This is going to be a story with lots of adult explicit content with your favorite babes of marvel. just a bunch of one shots about fictional characters -mostly anime-Chapter 1: What I Write About Chapter Text. A Harem of Cute Girls Begins!/Adventures Await! He constantly hides his eyes behind a pair of dark sunglasses, sealing away a potent power. Well, undead. He'd probably ditch it in a moment, but he has one big, serious flaw - conscience. #fanfiction Leave", All units available please respond immediately. You've already caught glimpses of them, enough to know in which universe you've been reborn, but from that first time it's almost as if you start drawing them in. [Tagged explicit to be safe.] I'll just try jumping on the spot. . Childhood Friend! Peter (15y/o) will get his powers in 2010. (Male Edition), Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (2015), Felicia Hardy/Gwen Stacy/Mary Jane Watson/Reader. And you're not even counting in the foes that are after your head. Despite the title it's really going to be fluffy stuff for the most part. Your mind and wits are some of your greatest weapons, but they are hardly the only ones, Try and experiment with it, but complement with your mind, do the best of both, You are on the right path, Y/N, do keep it that way, "Your mind and wits are some of your greatest weapons, but they are hardly the only ones", These children are under my protection, succubus, Listen to me, all of you who rose from the grave unwillingly, I can help you get the test you deserve, but you need to stop terrifying the people who are still alive. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Bnha X Reader Mha X Reader Various X Reader Harem Reverse . YOU ARE READING. I do not own any canon characterI own the OCs I may occasionally mention if need beYou belong to yourself of course! ", I must admit, I was curious to see who would be stupid enough to think this was a good, This knockoff? by KamenRiderMaster117. OC Girl. You loved her short blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. It makes you believe that you have control over fear, that you can become its, But the truth is, you don't control fear. Follow me and I shall take you back to sleep, I do. Anime & Comics ACTION ADVENTURE R18 HAREM DARK VILLAIN MARVEL DC 4.67 This story follows the rise of a regular small time criminal who had the odds against him his entire life. The Story of the Beach and the Fishergirl! Boopydoopy111 10 Deviations Featured: Into the Spider-Verse. (Male Reader X Pokemon Harem Slice of Life!) Some characters may be out of character. Well, time to make the best harem ever #harem Avengers x Male! I do not appreciate that. schoolgirls, teacher. SI/OC, Crossovers, Genderswaps, Short and Side stories to my main fanfic: Winds of Change (DxD). From then on, every timeline will be blown to the the Ungodliest hells because fuck the most peerless rainbows' ends. (Male Reader X Pokemon Harem Slice of Life! There has been an explosion in Arkham Asylum". Star Wars Females X Male Reader One Shots. You dont have any qualms with being civilized when the situation calls for it, but youd really prefer to not be on the receiving end of his apparently named death-sword or something. Until a portal opened in his room and now he finds himself in a world where almost every one has a super power. A blatant self-insert wound up in Date A Live because of reasons. Fun~ more Wattpad 31M followers Gwen and Lucy have been best friends for a long time until they realize that they could be more than that. gwen has y/n whining to cum, but on the brink of an orgasm, peter walks in on the two of them scissoring - gwen soon puts him to good use. Male Characters x Top!Male!Reader |One Shots MackJLee9. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Its that time of year again where girls all scramble to get or make that perfect chocolate for their special someone and this year the Shinobi girls will finally partake this once a year event.

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